Följande kan man läsa i tidskriften från James Wellbeloved nr 17

"When introduced to the Ragdoll for the first time, you will be overwhelmed at just how beautiful they are. But the big difference with this breed is, although the kittens are pretty, the adults are simpley stunning. They are one breed that actually gets better with age. How a kitten looks when first seen bears no resemblance to how it will look at one year old and that same kitten will look even more beautiful at 2 years old, developing into a magnificent 4 year old adult.

So what do you get when you buy a Ragdoll? Certainly not a dim witted creature that sits around all day doing nothing. Certainly not the "cushion cat" which it was once portrayd to be, but a stunningly beautiful individual, with a sense of humour all of its own. A cat who will meet you at the door when you return home, who will chatter to you when the mood takes them, who will rely on you to give them all the love they need, so that they will be able to return it to you ten-fold. Certainly not a cat that can be ignored. Just one small word of warning, ONE is usually not enough! It has been said before RAGDOLLS ARE ADDICTIVE! "

by. Chris Powell