Ragdoll will give a strong and sturdy impression adult cats seem slightly heavier in the abdomen, sometimes almost clumsy. The long body is of adult cats to be as broad at the shoulders to the hind legs. The cat is as a whole giving a rectangular appearance.
The head of a Ragdoll should have a broad, smooth wedge. The head should be flat on top, between the ears, with a rounded forehead, round cheeks, straight nose with a gentle inward curl at nosbasen. The chin should be highlighted.
The ears are medium size, wide and open at the base, and they sit wide apart and are slightly bent forward, so-called "tilted".
The deep blue eyes are large and oval. Desirable is a deep blue color as possible. The legs are medium lenght, strong and muscular, the hind legs longer. The large, round paws should have clear fur tufts between the toes.
Ragdoll tail should be long and reaching to the shoulder blade if you bend it forward. It should be tapered towards the end and have bushy hair.
The coat is medium to long. It is longer in the stomach, chest and neck and on his hind legs. The coat is silky and should feel cool to the touch. It lacks an undercoat, which makes it not so easy snarls. The coat lies close to the body and "film" when the cat moves..